City of Stamford Announces Isolation Housing for Recovering COVID-19 Patients

Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS

STAMFORD, CT – The City of Stamford announced today a partnership with UConn Stamford to house COVID-19 patients who require isolation but cannot do so from their own residence. This housing will be available to patients who have consulted with a medical professional, applied for a position at UConn’s housing, and received verification of eligibility from the City of Stamford’s Department of Health.

“Proper isolation is necessary to stop the spread of this virus, but many of our residents live with other individuals in small apartments where they cannot isolate safely. This housing will help reduce the risk of infection among those who need it most,” said Mayor David Martin. “I applaud the work of City staff and volunteers who made this happen and I thank UConn for partnering with the City to help fight this virus. UConn’s swift and unanimous approval of this plan is a testament to their commitment to the people of Stamford.”

UConn Stamford’s residence hall at 900 Washington Boulevard will be subleased to the City of Stamford. The volunteer organization Stamford Together will move in supplies for isolation housing on Saturday, April 17th. The isolation housing at this residence hall will be operated by the City of Stamford’s Department of Health. The City anticipates this housing will be available on Monday, April 20th.

Housing will be provided to patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 — or are pending results — and require isolation. Residents should ideally isolate within their own households, however many residents may be unable to do so without risking spread of the virus to other household members.

Residents who wish to receive housing for isolation must:

  • Receive a recommendation for isolation from a medical professional, such as a primary care physician, testing site healthcare official, or hospital care team.
  • Apply for housing at UConn’s residence hall. Residents who show up to the residence hall without applying beforehand cannot receive housing.
  • Receive verification of their eligibility from the City’s Department of Health. The Department of Health may advise residents their living situation is capable of individual isolation. If the Department of Health determines an individual can isolate within their own household they cannot receive housing.

Residents can apply for isolation housing on the City’s website:

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