City of Stamford Announces Top 200 Roads for Paving


STAMFORD, CT – Today, Mayor Caroline Simmons and Matt Quinones, the City’s Director of Operations, announced the top 200 roads to be paved over the next several years as identified in the city-wide road assessment. The city-wide road assessment was commissioned in 2022 and conducted over the past year with the goal of determining an objective measure to establish a priority list for paving operations. The assessment was conducted by IMS, an independent and non-governmental pavement assessment company.

The results of the city-wide road assessment identified 100 roads as the priority roads for city paving and the goal is to complete this list by the end of 2024. Once completed, the City will then move to pave the roads listed as 101 – 200 over the next several years. The list of the 200 roads can be viewed here.

“Our office is inundated daily with requests from residents about road paving,” said Director of Operations Matt Quinones. “While over the past few years, we’ve been fortunate to invest in an unprecedented amount of road paving, we acknowledge there is more work ahead.”

Additionally, the City has recently invested in reforming its utility paving coordination by focusing on resurfacing roads impacted by utility projects and striving to pave the impacted roads “curb-to-curb” within 90 days of the completed utility project. Some roads not included on this list may be paved during this period if they’re impacted by a utility project.

In 2022, the City paved over 75 roads, doubling the number of roads from the previous year. The City seeks to sustain that volume of paving for 2023.

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