“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” opens with an all-adult cast at Crystal Theatre on Friday

Photography: John Ralston/Crystal Theatre contributed

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time”, based on the bestselling novel by Mark Haddon and adapted into a Tony-award winning play by Simon Stephens, opens this Friday at Crystal Theatre in Norwalk CT.

The acclaimed non-profit performing arts center with a 35-year legacy of children’s productions is now entering its second year as a full-fledged community theatre in South Norwalk.

Producer Laszlo Balazs notes that “Curious Incident is something new for us – it’s our first straight play with community theatre. It’s taken some getting-used-to that there’s no band or singers!”

The ensemble cast of 10 carries the show with stage direction and technical design by Mat Young.

Tickets can be purchased at www.crystaltheatre.org with reasonable rates of $25 for an adult ticket, $20 for seniors (65+), and $15 for students.

Group rates are available as are limited seats at a 10am school matinee production on Thursday, October 26th.

The production runs for two weekends at the Ben Franklin Community Center where Hillside Street and Bayview Avenue meet.

About the show: 15-year-old Christopher has an extraordinary brain: He is exceptional at mathematics but ill-equipped to interpret everyday life. He has never ventured alone beyond the end of his road, he detests being touched, and he distrusts strangers. Now it is 7 minutes after midnight, and Christopher stands beside his neighbor’s dead dog, Wellington, who has been speared with a garden fork. Finding himself under suspicion, Christopher is determined to solve the mystery of who murdered Wellington, and he carefully records each fact of the crime. But his detective work, forbidden by his father, takes him on a thrilling journey that upturns his world.

Crystal Theatre Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. For information: info@crystaltheatre.org or 203-838-7150.

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