Stamford Prepares for Tropical Storm Henri

Tropical Storm Henry/08/20/2021 (NOAA)

STAMFORD, CT – Mayor David Martin assembled emergency management officials this morning to prepare and ready all departments for tropical storm response in anticipation of Tropical Storm Henri. Tropical Storm Henri is expected to pass through Fairfield County Saturday evening into Sunday, reaching Stamford as early as Sunday morning.

“Our emergency management team is tracking this storm and preparing accordingly. They are in regular contact with the National Weather Service and State emergency management officials. We will continue to monitor this storm and its potential impacts closely,” said Mayor Martin

The Office of Public Safety has ensured the City’s emergency preparedness and is encouraging Stamford residents to monitor news related to the storm and practice reasonable precautions.

Director of Public Safety Ted Jankowski commented, “Our City officials and emergency response teams are fully prepared for any potential impacts of Tropical Storm Henri. I am urging Stamford residents to be prepared and take precautions for heavy storms in the coming days. The Office of Public Safety, Health and Welfare will continue to monitor and track weather conditions and the path of Tropical Storm Henri in preparation.”

As a result of the impending storm, residents are advised to anticipate heavy rainfall, flooding, high winds, and power outages.

Dangerous marine conditions, including high tides and strong rip currents, are expected across coastal waters Saturday night through Sunday night.

Residents near areas prone to flooding are advised to prepare by ensuring that:

• storm drains in your area are clear of debris,

• in-home basement pumps are working properly,

• any valuables that may be stored in a basement that floods are moved to higher locations within the dwelling, and

• avoid driving through flooded roadways.

All Stamford residents are advised to take the following precautions:

· Sign up for Emergency Alerts at

· Stay in touch with the City of Stamford through our web site and the City’s Emergency Hotline 203-977-8840

· Follow the City of Stamford’s social media channels for updates including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or NextDoor.

· bring inside any lawn furniture, outdoor decorations, hanging plants, trash cans

· Charge cellphones/ withdraw cash in the event of power outages.

· Prepare an emergency kit, including:

o One gallon of water per person per day

o Nonperishable food,

o Hand operated can opener,

o Flashlight,

o Battery-powered radio

o Prescription drugs,

o Eyeglasses,

o Small hand tools,

o Blankets,

o Pillows,

o Towels/ Toiletries

A full list of precautions and suggested preparation steps can be found at and .

As of this time, Stamford’s hurricane barrier has not made any announcement regarding plans to close.

Stamford’s Office of Public Safety and the Emergency Operations Center will continue to closely monitor the storm and are prepared to respond to severe weather and/or other emergency events as warranted.

At this time, the City’s Emergency Operations Center is partially activated virtually.

The City of Stamford will provide more information about Tropical Storm Henri’s path as it becomes available.

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