Stamford Mayor Simmons Announces Settlement of Firefighter Promotion Lawsuit


STAMFORD, CT – Mayor Caroline Simmons is pleased to announce that the City has reached a settlement agreement with the four plaintiffs in the Dingle v. City of Stamford litigation, which had prevented the City from conducting firefighter promotions for several years. The settlement of this lawsuit means the City will soon conduct a round of promotions for six lieutenants and three captains from the original eligibility list that was the subject of the lawsuit, using procedures agreed to by all parties to the settlement. Subsequently, and on a schedule to be determined, the City will also be able to proceed with a promotional process, including the administration of competitive examinations, for additional leadership vacancies in the Fire Department.

“This agreement will increase public safety and firefighter safety by allowing the City to provide stable leadership throughout the Fire Department through permanently filling the many officer positions left open because of this lawsuit,” said Mayor Simmons. “It also opens the door to opportunities for so many of our firefighters who have waited very long for the chance to rise to positions of greater responsibility. I am proud that my administration was able to bring this long-running dispute to a positive end.”

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