Stamford Mayor Martin Announces Reversal of Stamford Mask Mandate


STAMFORD, CT – Stamford Mayor David Martin announced on Tuesday, October 26, that due to the steady decline in Covid-19 cases and in concurrence with the recommendation of the City’s Acting Director of Health, Stamford’s indoor mask mandate will be lifted effective immediately.

Stamford’s citywide mask mandate was implemented on August 12 to assist in stemming the increasing number of Covid-19 cases.

“I am very pleased to announce that Stamford’s mask mandate will be lifted effective immediately,” said Mayor David Martin. “As evident by the City’s diminishing number Covid cases, the use of masks over the past few months has served to significantly decrease the spread of this virus in Stamford. In lieu of mandatory masks, residents should practice reasonable safety precautions and social distance when possible.”

Although masks will no longer be required, Stamford residents are advised to take reasonable safety precautions, practice social distancing, utilize regular handwashing and other PPE, and as always, get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Martin also announced that Stamford businesses are entitled to set their mask regulations and requirements at their own discretion. The mask mandate may be reinstated if Covid-19 cases begin to rise again as the holiday season begins.

The use of facemasks/ facial coverings will continue to be required in the Stamford Government Center until further notice.

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