Stamford Mayor Caroline Simmons applauds state bonding for five critical projects in the city


STAMFORD, CT – On Wednesday it was announced that in partnership with Governor Ned Lamont and the State of Connecticut, Mayor Caroline Simmons and Stamford’s legislative delegation have secured state funding for the following projects aimed at improving the City’s quality of life:

  1. A $950,000 grant for balcony seating renovations and updates at the Palace Theatre
  2. A $1,000,000 grant for renovations and improvements at Terry Connors Ice Rink
  3. A $250,000 grant for the construction of a new kindergarten playscape at Toquam Magnet Elementary School
  4. A $2,000,000 grant for renovations and upgrades at the Stamford High School athletic fields
  5. A $70,000 grant for security fencing at the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford’s Yerwood Center

“I’m excited and grateful that these projects were approved by the State Bond Commission,” said Mayor Caroline Simmons. “Each of these projects will provide much needed investments in community resources that are utilized and enjoyed by Stamford residents. I want to thank Governor Ned Lamont and the State Bond Commission for approving these items and our incredible Stamford delegation who work hard every day to bring funding home to Stamford. This would not be possible without their continued support and advocacy in Hartford.”

The State Bond Commission is a 10-member body that is empowered under the Connecticut General Statutes to allocate bond funds to finance specific projects and purposes. The State Bond Commission is made up of the governor, three state constitutional officers, four state legislators and two state agency heads.


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