Stamford Arts & Culture Grant Winners Announced

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STAMFORD, CT – Stamford Mayor David Martin and the Stamford Arts and Culture Commission are proud to announce the winners of the 2021 Stamford Arts & Culture (SAC) Grant. The commission received 18 grant applications with $160,000 in grant aid requested. The following winners were selected for their commitment to providing quality programs that are accessible to as many individuals as possible, as well as their overall dedication to Stamford’s artistic and cultural scene.

“Stamford’s arts venues and programs have provided immense value to our community this past year and I am glad we can continue supporting the work they provide to our residents,” said Mayor David Martin. “I know I look forward to many of these programs as defining experiences to Stamford’s cultural identity and I look forward to their work this year.”

This year’s winners are, in alphabetical order:

Avon Theatre Film Center: $5,821 Jewish Historical Society: $3,821
Ballet School of Stamford: $10,821 La Tertulia de Stamford: $10,821
Connecticut Ballet: $5,821 Loft Artist Association: $9,821
The Cultured Pearl: $10,821 Stamford Art Association: $5,821
Ecuadorian Civic Committee: $4,327 Stamford Pride: $10,821
En Vivo con Maricarmen: $4,321 Tallar de Marinera: $8,821
Highland Green Foundation: $3,321 Treetops Chamber Music Society: $4,821

For over 20 years the Stamford Arts & Culture Grant, formerly the Community Arts Partnership Program (CAPP), has provided numerous Stamford-based arts and cultural organizations with funding to initiate special projects within the city. The grant highlights Mayor David R. Martin’s commitment to increasing the participation and accessibility of art throughout Stamford. This year, the city generously committed $100,000 in grant funding for projects by Stamford-based arts organizations or groups backed by a Stamford-based non-profit.

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