SilverSource Announces Updated Measures During Coronavirus Outbreak

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STAMFORD, CT (March 12, 2020)   In response to the growing concerns over the spread of COVID19, SilverSource, the nonprofit agency that serves the greater Stamford senior community, has announced immediate updates to its programs and services to ensure the safety of its employees and clients.

“In the interest of ensuring the continued health and safety of all our employees and volunteers as well as our 2,000 plus clients throughout the city, we have adjusted our programs and services to apply new protocols where it makes sense. Our mission has always been to provide a safety net to the most vulnerable of our residents, older adults in need. At this time of great concern and trepidation everywhere, we remain committed to support their needs. In addition to in-person services, we will incorporate additional resources such as remote communication and online delivery services, as well as the use of emergency funds where needed,” said Kathleen Bordelon, Executive Director, SilverSource. “We will continue to do all that we can for our elderly residents, monitor the situation daily and adjust as needed. We are always here to support seniors.”

With resources available to support the older community, effective immediately SilverSource will update services as follows:

  • Individual Assistance & Emergency Support: Social workers and case management meetings will continue to take place both in person or by phone, depending on clients’ health and needs.
  • Prescription program deliveries: Seniors currently on the prescription program will continue to receive their prescriptions with the support of pharmacy delivery services.
  • Grocery deliveries: SilverSource will allocate the necessary emergency funds to support seniors who are unable to get out to buy groceries and access commercial delivery services to do so.
  • Transportation to medical appointments: We will continue providing transportation to seniors to city-based medical appointments, implementing a phone call screening process to identify clients who are symptomatic who should be directed elsewhere, and a rigorous wipe-down protocol of the transport vehicle between individual passenger trips, in keeping with CDC guidelines.
  • Client wellness check-ins: Effective immediately all Volunteer in-home wellness checkins will end. A team of staff members and volunteers will activate a remote check-in program, making phone calls to connect with older clients to ensure they are doing well and reduce feelings of isolation.

In addition, in keeping with safeguards determined by the CDC, the SilverSource upcoming forum, Coming of Age in Aging America: Challenges and Solutions, the film screening and awards event scheduled for March 25th at the Gen RE Auditorium at UConn Stamford, will be postponed to a later date.

“We are pleased to be able to continue ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our older residents, the most vulnerable population, during this difficult and stressful time,” Bordelon added. “As this is an evolving situation, we will make adjustments accordingly and provide any updates as needed.”

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