The Stamford Partnership Launches Media Advocacy Group

Danielle Bibbo, ITV America’s Executive Vice President of Business Development & Strategy, has joined The Stamford Partnership’s Board of Directors. (contributed photo)

STAMFORD, CT – The Stamford Partnership, the region’s preeminent economic and community development organization, is announcing a major new initiative that will further cement the city’s reputation as a premier media hub and spark continued economic growth. ITV America’s Executive Vice President of Business Development & Strategy, Danielle Bibbo, has joined The Stamford Partnership’s Board of Directors and, together with the organization’s leadership, has spearheaded the launch of its new Media Advocacy Group, a coalition of local media companies that will collaborate to fuel the industry’s expansion in Stamford.

Bibbo, who will contribute to The Stamford Partnership across numerous programs, is uniquely qualified to steer the new Media Advocacy Group. A 20+ year veteran of the media industry, with both a creative and business background (she holds an MBA from Fordham University), Bibbo was the architect of the plan to migrate a significant portion of ITV America’s business to Stamford and is keen to create innovative ways to support a thriving media industry in the city.

“I’m thrilled to be joining The Stamford Partnership board, and eager to help drive positive, increased economic impact on the city through our new Media Advocacy Group,” said Bibbo. “Stamford’s incentives to the media industry, which include its tax credits, are a core part of driving Stamford’s economic and community development, and it’s our goal to ensure that they remain in place.”

At least 10 new media companies have moved to Stamford in the past 12 months. According to the Motion Picture Association, the motion picture and television industry is directly responsible for more than $1.81+ billion in wages across the state of Connecticut each year – bringing jobs, revenue, and related infrastructure development that provide an immediate boost to the local economy.

“The addition of Danielle and launch of our Media Advocacy Group is a boon not just to the local media industry, but the city’s vibrancy overall,” said Jon Winkel, CEO of The Stamford Partnership. “Despite fierce competition from nearby regions — including New York City — Stamford has built a sterling reputation as a place where media companies and professionals can thrive.”

The Media Advocacy Group, which includes over a dozen prominent media companies, has ambitious goals for 2022. The coalition will build bridges between the industry and local workforce; boost networking and collaboration between media companies, executives, and professionals across the city; and preserve the tax credits that have been essential to the industry’s local success. Participants will meet quarterly, with the next gathering planned for March 2022.

“Stamford is emerging as a nationally significant hub for media capture and production,” noted Jodi Gutierrez, Chairperson of The Stamford Partnership’s Board of Directors. “With the Media Advocacy Group now in place – and Danielle at the helm – we’re on track to continue that trend in 2022 and beyond.”

The Stamford Partnership is located at 2 Landmark Square, Suite 108 in Stamford. They can be reached at info@stamfordpartnership.orgor by visiting For the latest news and updates, follow @StamfordPartnership on Facebook and @Stamford-Partnership on LinkedIn.

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