Superintendent Dr. Tamu Lucero Named to Connecticut Leadership Implementation Council

Superintendent of Stamford Public Schools Dr. Tamu Lucero (photo: Canaiden)

Stamford Public Schools is proud to announce the appointment of Superintendent Dr. Tamu Lucero as one of 13 members of the Reading Leadership Implementation Council (Council). The Council operates within the Center for Literacy Research and Reading Success (Center), which was established under the “Right to Read” law passed in June of 2021 with bipartisan support to oversee the implementation of science-based reading instruction in all districts across the State. “Right to Read” was championed by State Senator Patricia “Billie” Miller to improve literacy rates for the state’s children in grades K-3. Among other initiatives, the law calls for $12.8 million in funding for school-based reading specialists, standardizes curriculum requirements for all schools in the state, tracks student performance through the establishment and administration of common assessments, and provides for professional development and coaching for teachers.

The Council serves as expert advisors to and consults with Melissa Hickey, Director of the Center. One of its functions is to ensure that school districts across the state are using one of the state approved methods of reading instruction. Additionally, the Council develops and publishes state-wide annual goals and consults with representatives from public, private, and philanthropic organizations.

“We look forward to her valuable contributions to the Council,” said Charlene M. Russell-Tucker, Commissioner of Education for the Connecticut State Department of Education.

“The importance of reading proficiency cannot be emphasized enough, it is the gateway to all learning, especially so in our information age,” said Dr. Lucero. “I am honored to join the Council and be part of guiding and overseeing our State’s commitment to science-based reading instruction.”

Dr. Lucero was nominated to serve on the Council by the Connecticut Legislative Black and Puerto Rican Caucus, of which Senator Miller is the chair. Dr. Lucero’s appointment is effective immediately. Senator Miller is expected to appoint a second representative by mid-July.

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