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Melnicky, Nicole – Vancouver, Canada; Siren; 2020; acrylic on paper; 12×9 inches (contributed image)

NEW CANAAN, CT – PAINT 2021, Silvermine’s first international exhibition, opens at Silvermine Galleries on May 8. PAINT 2021 encompasses works by 46 visual artists; among them a composer, a filmmaker, and a neuroscientist. Curated by Michelle Y. Loh, a New York based art advisor, curator, and gallery director, PAINT 2021 is the third in Silvermine’s series of exhibitions exploring the possibilities of a single medium. The exhibition runs through June 30.

“As we seek paths through the stages of this pandemic, and social justice movements call on us to hear other voices, what can or should art do?” asked Loh. In an April 25 article by Mike Horyczun, Hearst’s Arts & Style section has praised the exhibition and Loh’s philosophy of seeing art as “a way to bring people together to understand each other better.”

The artists included in PAINT 2021 come from Canada, England, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, and the U.S. Employing paint as an integral part of their art, they created a wide range of works from drawings and paintings to mini sculptures and animations. The works on paper, linen, and canvas include imagined or remembered landscapes, abstract compositions, visions of the natural world, and contemporary takes on the figure. An animation video by collaborative duo Michael Covello and Elizabeth Schneider will be shown in the gallery. The two see their art as “a form of poetry made visible through sequential paintings.”

Loh, who worked directly with Silvermine Gallery Director Roger Mudre on the exhibition, was especially interested in art that could resonate strongly with viewers. She writes: “Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein maintained that not everything that can be thought can be said. The corollary in this case is that not everything that can be seen can be described. The more rewarding experience lies in a personal connection with the work, a moment of encounter where our paths cross with the artist’s. Their stories are enriched by our interpretation.”

Silvermine congratulates the artists featured in PAINT 2021: Olga Alexander of New York, NY; Karen Allen of Verplank, NY; Todd Arsenault of Carlisle, PA, Sarah Balcomb of Greenwich, CT; Lisa Brody of South Kent, CT; Sarah Lightfoot Brundage of Prospect Harbor, ME; Lisa Cain of League City, TX; Pamela Cardwell of New York, NY; Charles Compo of New York, NY; Wendy Connelly of Chester, Great Britain; Marcia Cooper of Brooklyn, NY; Michael Covello and Elizabeth Schneider of Virginville, PA; Jil Crary-Ros of Ridgewood, NY; Jacob Cullers of Waterford, CT; Susan Cutler Tremaine of New Canaan, CT; Camilla Marie Dahl of Brooklyn, NY; Kevin Ford of Norwalk, CT; Michael Frechette of Philadelphia, PA; Elisabeth Gineste of Neschers, France; Cassie Gnehm of San Antonio, TX; Karl Goulet of Terryville, CT; Vincent Hawley of Lambertville, NJ; Heidi Johnson of Bronx, NY; Barry Katz of New York, NY; Déirdre Kelly of Venice, Italy; Yan Yan Lam of Kwai Chung, Hong Kong; Khanh Le of Washington, DC; JoAnne Lobotsky of Bronx, NY; Jovanni Luna of Brooklyn, NY; Jennifer McCandless of Burlington, VT; Nicole Melnicky of Vancouver BC, Canada; Brian Mukerjee of Brooklyn, NY; Seamus O’Rourke of Dublin, Ireland; Kate Hooray Osmond of Charleston, SC; Chunbum Park of Palisades Park, NJ; Alan Prazniak of Brooklyn, NY; Matthew W. Robinson of Beacon, NY; Ellen Hallie Schiff of Glen Cove, NY; Brian Sheridan of Ossining, NY; Lauren Skelly Bailey of East Meadow, NY; Adrianna Speer of Youngsville, LA; Jeremy Stenger of Brooklyn, NY; Keith Thomson of Mountain Brook, AL; Lauren Yandell of Pearland, TX; Leonard Yang of Singapore, Southeast Asia; and Jenna Youngwood of Milwaukee, WI.

The Silvermine Galleries are open to visitors. Visit for information. Silvermine continues to follow CDC guidelines to keep visitors and staff as safe as possible.

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