Residents Encouraged to Call 911 to Report Information and Stop Gun Violence

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STAMFORD, CT – Stamford’s West Side has had four reported shootings in the past two weeks. In all four instances Stamford’s 911 Communication Center was either not informed at all, or received calls late — long after the shooting occurred and suspects had fled the area.

Residents are strongly encouraged to contact 911 in the event of an emergency and if they believe a crime is being committed or someone’s life is in danger – even if they do not have much specific information. Residents can also submit an anonymous tip about crimes or illegal guns to Stamford Police’s Crime & Gun Stoppers Program and receive a monetary reward.

“Gun shootings are a problem that must be addressed directly and immediately by our police,” said Mayor David Martin. “Ignoring it will only result in further violence in our community. I am deeply disturbed by the repeat shootings on Stamford’s West Side and urge residents to quickly call 911 if they believe someone’s life may be in danger. We have resources to keep our City safe and provide for residents in need but we need people to call 911 when an emergency occurs.”

In the event of an emergency residents should call 911. For non-emergency tips about crime in Stamford, residents can utilize Stamford Police’s Crime & Gun Stoppers program. This program provides residents a way to anonymously tip off Stamford Police to unregistered guns or serious crimes in the City. There are a variety of ways to submit an anonymous tip:

· Residents can call 203-977-TIPS (8477),

· Text “Tips2SPD” along with additional information to CRIMES (274-637), or

· Visit to report tips related to crime or illegal guns in Stamford.

Any tips that lead to an arrest or seizure of an illegal weapon will result in a $1,000 reward. Details available here. No interaction with the Police is needed to receive a reward.

Mayor Martin met with community leaders from Stamford’s West Side on Monday. Community leaders shared some residents may not be calling the police because they’re uncertain if gunshots are actually fireworks, and they have little or no specific information to report. All residents are encouraged to notify 911 if they have any concerns about potential safety or possible crimes, including imprecise or incomplete information such as hearing gunshots or hearing something that might sound like gunshots.

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