Courtnay’s Kitchen Cooking for a Cause for The Greenwich Senior Center

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The Greenwich Senior Center is thankful to Courtnay’s Kitchen for cooking fresh, delicious meals in their kitchen and delivering them to Greenwich Seniors- the most vulnerable of all.

Over 100 Thanksgiving meals were cooked, packed, and delivered by Courtnay’s Kitchen, along with many worker bees.

Courtnay Arpano, a native North Carolinian, grew-up in a family of cooks and entertainers where southern hospitality was (and still is) the name of the game.

With a culinary degree from L’Academie de Cuisine and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Food Studies from New York University, Courtnay founded Courtnay’s Kitchen, 136 Hamilton Avenue, Greenwich, CT.

“Lend a hand to the elders in your life,” Courtnay says, “…the older neighbor…aging relative…find them. They are out there and they need us now!”

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