City of Stamford updates on Tropical Storm Henri

Tropical Depression Henri with a cone of uncertainty as of the evening of 08/22/2021 (NOAA)

Stamford, CT – As per the most recent National Weather Service report, a Flood Watch continues to be in effect through Monday evening. Stamford is expected to experience 2-4 inches of rain into tomorrow, Monday. At this time, a flash flood hazard still exists.

The Emergency Operations Center is still activated. Office of Public Safety Departments and Operations continue to respond to Tropical Storm Henri.

Mayor David Martin stated, “We have been fortunate enough thus far to not have experienced significant impacts as a result of Tropical Storm Henri. However, this weather event is not over. City’s Emergency Response Teams have prepared for this storm and will continue to respond for the safety of residents.”

Stamford residents should abide by the following for the duration of the storm:

· If your location is prone to flooding, be prepared for the possibility of a quick and dramatic rise in water levels.

· Be alert for potential flooding from rising rivers and streams which may have yet to crest.

· Remain informed of the latest river forecasts and heed any flood warnings.

· Be alert for flooded roads which could be compromised. Avoid travel until water levels subside and roads have been cleared. Do not drive through places where flood waters cover the road.

· Problems with sewer backups can contaminate flood waters. Keep children away from flood waters.

· Stay away from downed power lines, hazardous debris and flooded areas. Allow extra time for emergency vehicles to reach you as they navigate flood hazards.

· If using a generator, avoid potential carbon monoxide poisoning by following any and all instructions provided by the manufacturer. Operate your generator in a well ventilated space outside of your living area and away from open doors and windows.

· Listen for updates and be ready in case you lose electrical power.

· Keep a battery powered radio and flashlight handy.

· Keep your smart phone charged and in power saving mode. If residents lose power, use sparingly and mainly for personal emergencies.

Residents should be aware that Stamford garbage pickup will continue as scheduled for Monday, August 23rd.

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